Ready for the Future

Edama Facilities and Operation Co. has been established with a youthful, forward-looking for the future and eager to compete- spirit. Edama is stimulating for being among the specialized companies in facilities management and operation. It is an ambitious company whose main objective is to cope with the rapid developments, witnessed by our beloved Kingdom after inaugurating the ambitious vision "Saudi Arabia 2030"; setting a bright and catalyst road for investment in all sectors, particularly the real estate

Our Vision

To provide high quality professional services for all real estate units by 2030.

Our mission

To meet the needs of our clients through our professional system in the facilities management, maintenance and operation.

Values speak

edama focuses on several key values and principles; the most prominent are:

1- Our clients satisfaction We always believe that the quality of work is the way to fulfill the needs of our clients and to gain their satisfaction.
2- Our clients deserve comfort The most important factors of our success is the convenience of our clients, so we are constantly developing our services.
3- Operation and maintenance for longer sustainability We are fully aware that the operation and maintenance mechanisms are deemed as one of the most effective factors in maintaining real estate products and increasing the life span thereof.
4- edama solutions……exceed the expectations We provide maintenance for all facilities effectively to avoid the emergent breakdowns and to ensure better operation.

edama … best partner

We recognize the need to distinguish our clients, to be the best partner for their business by focusing on main factors as:

- Comprehensive and variable services.
- Provision of solutions and alternatives.
- Easiness and rapidity of service request.
- We provide warranty on maintenance works.
- A flexible teamwork providing excellent services.
- Suitable prices.

Eagerness to fulfill the needs of our clients

We are fully aware that the accurate understanding of the needs of our clients is what gives us the complete readiness to fulfill them by number of procedures followed to maximize the satisfaction of our clients.

• Initiation to provide innovative solutions for facilities management.
• Deep study, problems expectation and good planning for solving them to avoid the occurrence of risks.
• Accurate understanding of all work details; helping in taking right decisions and serving the interests of our clients.
• Completing all the work orders within the specified timeframe with high quality.
• Monitoring and discussing work mechanisms with the clients and exploring the extent of their satisfaction.
• Continuing to improve our internal operations.

Active and direct communication = greater confidence

Database contains all clients information and a record of previous requested services, thus ensuring a unique response and high-quality service that matches its expectations and needs.

Our Services

We were keen to design an innovative & creative model through a set of packages based on deep knowledge of the needs of our clients.
Our services can be provided:
- For companies
A set of corporate packages that take size, variety and requirements of the business sector into consideration. We are keen to provide them in a quick and professional manner.
- For individuals
edama Provides distinct maintenance services to individuals, through direct contact with the specialized team via telephone and electronic services, available around-the-clock.




Pest Control


Interfaces Cleaning

Fire Fighting


  • Our services are characterized by continuous maintenance methods:.

    - Preventive maintenance: through a specific timetable for review and verification that everything works in the best possible way.
    - Regular maintenance: conducted upon request by the clients after scheduling in accordance with the clients’ times and the type of service; ensuring a smooth flow of work.
    - Emergent maintenance: for sudden breakdowns and conditions while serving them promptly and rapidly around- the-clock along the week days.

  • Maintenance is art and proficiency

    The organized and harmonized work of the teamwork is the way to achieve confidence with our clients. Therefore, edama continuously trains the teamwork, exchanges the experiences and presents the updates thereto through the detailed explanation of the operation mechanisms and work methods along with activating the review and evaluation method to raise and support the confidence between the teamwork and our clients.

  • Our clients confidence is the way to success

    We have been keen on building a system of trust between edama and its clients since the establishment of edama. Such system focuses on the main pillars to be our way towards continuity; representing in the following:

    • Planning and developing strategies to ensure work stability.
    • Reducing costs by using advanced technologies.
    • Time Management.

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